The Sheff United Way have many affiliates connected to the company that we love to shout about.

Indie-go Resurrection

Indie-go Resurrection is an indie music bar & live music venue where the Sheff UnitedWay members usually meet up for pre match food and drinks.

Parrot Peel

Parrot Peel is a musical ensemble with 98 members in 14 countries. They make diverse musical tracks whether they be jazz, rock, folk, pop, latin or even dance. Many band members are big blades who have moved away from Sheffield and they loved the Sheff United Way so much that they decided to sponsor us.


NordVPN have sponsored the channel over the past few years now and by using Sheff United Way’s exclusive link, Blades fans have saved thousands of £’s when signing up to the popular VPN site.

Soccer Sofas

Soccer Sofas are the best in the business when it comes to furniture that is in your favourite teams colours. If you decide to purchase something why not tell them that you came from the Sheff United Way.

TOFFS: The Old Fashioned Football Shirt Company

TOFFS are your number one destination for classic football shirts and retro rugby kits that recreate the most famous vintage shirt designs of yesteryear.

SUFC Moments

For all your Sheffield United prints, top quality key rings and the famous player beermat collection make sure you visit SUFC Moments.