Where Sheffield United rank in the Premier League injury table

According to research conducted by Premier Injuries, Sheffield United ranks among the top five Premier League teams with the highest injury counts this season, trailing only four other clubs in terms of injury woes.

The website tracks injuries suffered by all top-flight clubs and has disclosed the total number of days lost due to injuries this season. While the divisional average stands at 814 days, Sheffield United are among five clubs who have surpassed the 1,000 day mark in player absences.

They trail only Newcastle, Brentford, Brighton and Hove Albion, and Chelsea, with a total of 1,081 days lost to injuries.

In terms of injury count, Sheffield United, currently at the bottom of the table, ranks joint 11th with a total of 23 injuries. However, it’s the duration of player absences that poses the greatest challenge for them.

Premier League Injury table

Team Total days lost to injuries
Newcastle 1,333
Brentford 1,159
Brighton 1,093
Chelsea 1,091
Sheffield United 1,081
Manchester United 979
Tottenham 949
Crystal Palace 932
Liverpool 865
Aston Villa 806
Burnley 778
Nottingham Forest 776
Arsenal 771
Luton 716
Fulham 616
Bournemouth 567
Manchester City 565
Everton 555
West Ham 331
Wolves 316
Newcastle United leads both in the number of injuries and the duration of player absences, struggling to adjust to their first season of European football in a decade.

Credit is owed to the physio teams at West Ham United and Wolverhampton Wanderers, whose days lost due to injuries are less than half of the Premier League average.

Rhys Norrington-Davies, Max Lowe, and Chris Basham are unlikely to feature again this season. Additionally, manager Chris Wilder has acknowledged that his captain, John Egan, faces a significant challenge to return to the field before the season concludes.
The injuries to the back line in particular have massively hampered Sheffield United’s season; it has led to the defence being unsettled due to the constant chopping and changing of players.
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