Pundit claims penalty incident in Blades vs Hammers game has “never been a foul in the history of football”

Football pundit Micah Richards has recently shared his thoughts on the events that transpired during the Sheffield United versus West Ham United match on Sunday afternoon. The 2-2 draw was marked by contentious refereeing decisions, including the awarding of two penalties and a noticeable inclination for more controversial moments.

One of the most contentious incidents revolved around Anel Ahmedhodzic, who seemed to foul Jarrod Bowen in the Sheffield United box. However, the decision took an unexpected turn, causing frustration among David Moyes and his West Ham staff.

Micah Richards expressed his thoughts on the key refereeing decisions via the Rest is Football podcast.

“There were some appalling decisions in this game. There was the Hamer foul on Ings for the penalty. That was a penalty.

“Areola, into [Oliver] McBurnie has never been a foul in the history of football!

“And then there was Ahmedhodzic on Bowen, he had two arms around him for a penalty which was never given. VAR are supposed to look at everything but it wasn’t given. What is going on?”

Certainly, opinions on refereeing decisions in football can be subjective, and many Sheffield United fans may hold a different view from Richards in this instance. Ahmedhodzic, in his defence on social media, supported the referee’s decision, indicating that he believed the call to be justified in favour of his team.

However, there can’t be many arguments over the challenge made by Rhian Brewster. The lunging tackle was described as horrific, and quite frankly, it has no place in the modern game.

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  1. I’ve watched the “Bowen Penalty Incident” over and over again. Bowen clearly grabs Ahmedhodzic’s left shoulder with his right hand and pulls him spinning him round and causing Ahmedhodzic to fall onto Bowen. No penalty – end of.

  2. bowen clearly had both arms firstly around anel as highlighted on match of the day, as for the macburnie penalty the goalkeeper punched macburnie in the face. people see just what they want to see when in actual fact both decisions where correct.

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