Top nine best Sheffield United players of all time

Sheffield United, also known as the Blades, boasts a rich history filled with remarkable players who have left an indelible mark on the club. From gritty defenders to prolific goal-scorers, the following list highlights the top 9 best Sheffield United players of all time.

Not only have these legends played a key role in the team’s accomplishments, but they’ve also become cherished icons in the hearts of the fans.

1. Billy Sharp – The Modern Maestro

Billy Sharp is a Sheffield United modern-day hero. Known for his lethal goal-scoring abilities and leadership on the pitch, Sharp has been the talisman for the Blades in recent years. His dedication and passion for the club make him a beloved figure among the fans.

2. Tony Currie – The Midfield Dynamo

In the 1970s, Tony Currie was the heartbeat of Sheffield United’s midfield. His skilful playmaking and vision set him apart, making him one of the greatest midfielders in the club’s history. Currie’s influence on the game and ability to orchestrate attacks endeared him to supporters.

3. Harry Johnson – The Defensive Wall

Harry Johnson, a stalwart in Sheffield United’s defence during the early 20th century, was a no-nonsense defender. His commitment to the team and fearless tackling made him a fan favourite. Johnson’s defensive prowess was pivotal in the Blades’ success during his tenure.

4. Brian Deane – The Goal-Scoring Pioneer

Brian Deane etched his name in Sheffield United history by scoring the Premier League’s first-ever goal in 1992. A powerful striker, Deane’s goal-scoring exploits and work rate endeared him to the fans. His legacy as a Blades icon remains intact.

5. Alan Hodgkinson – The Goalkeeping Legend

Goalkeeper Alan Hodgkinson’s contributions to Sheffield United cannot be overstated. A shot-stopping maestro, Hodgkinson’s presence between the posts gave the team a solid foundation. His remarkable saves and reliability make him one of the greatest goalkeepers in club history.

6. Len Badger – The Reliable Fullback

A tough and reliable fullback, Len Badger was a linchpin in Sheffield United’s defence during the 1960s and 1970s. Known for his consistent performances and strong tackling, Badger’s defensive skills were crucial to the team’s success.

7. Keith Edwards – The Goal Machine

Keith Edwards is synonymous with goal-scoring prowess at Sheffield United. A lethal striker, Edwards consistently found the back of the net during the 1980s. His clinical finishing and goal-scoring records remain etched in the club’s history.

8. Phil Jagielka – The Versatile Defender

Phil Jagielka’s versatility and commitment to the club make him a Sheffield United legend. Whether playing in defence or midfield, Jagielka’s leadership and dedication earned him immense respect. His performances were crucial in the Blades’ promotion campaigns.

9. Joe Shaw – The Captain Fantastic

Joe Shaw, a true fantastic captain, led Sheffield United with distinction in the 1950s. A commanding presence on the field, Shaw’s leadership guided the team to success. His legacy as a great captain and defender endures in the annals of Sheffield United history.


The top 9 Sheffield United players mentioned above have left an indelible mark on the club’s history. From goal-scoring exploits to defensive heroics, these legends have become an integral part of the Blades’ identity. As Sheffield United continues to forge ahead, the spirit and legacy of these players continue to inspire the current and future generations of fans.

FAQs About Sheffield United

What is Sheffield United’s home stadium?

Sheffield United plays its home matches at Bramall Lane in Sheffield, England.

Can you bet on Sheffield United matches?

It is possible to bet on Sheffield United matches through various licensed sports betting platforms. However, it’s important to bet responsibly and be aware of the legal regulations regarding sports betting in your jurisdiction. Always use authorised and reputable betting services if you choose to engage in sports betting.

What is Sheffield United’s nickname?

The team is commonly known as “The Blades.”

What are Sheffield United’s team colours?

Sheffield United traditionally plays in red and white striped jerseys, black shorts, and red socks.

Have Sheffield United FC won any major trophies?

Sheffield United have won the English top-flight league title once in the 1897-98 season. They have also won the FA Cup four times, with their last victory in 1925.

What tier is Sheffield United in?

Sheffield United FC play in the Premier League, the first English football tier.

Who is the current manager of Sheffield United FC?

Chris Wilder has returned to lead Sheffield United and acknowledges the tough task of keeping the club in the Premier League this season. Despite the challenge, he expresses that he thrives on it.

What is Sheffield United’s fan base known as?

The fan base of Sheffield United is often referred to as “Blades” or “The Red and White Army.”