Sheffield United told they need “footballing miracle” to survive

Jamie Redknapp expressed his belief that it would be a “footballing miracle” for one of Luton, Burnley, or Sheffield United to survive in the Premier League this season.

Currently occupying the bottom three positions, with Luton being the closest to safety, the promoted sides face a significant challenge, with Luton trailing Everton by four points despite Everton’s ten-point deduction.

Redknapp shared his views on the relegation battle after Luton’s recent defeat to Manchester City, stating that these three teams would need a miracle to avoid relegation to the Championship and are unlikely to drag other teams into the mix.

“You look at it and you can forget about Everton, they have got too much quality in the team and understanding they’re gonna get so many results you just got to try and hope you can get a Nottingham Forest or Crystal Palace, Bournemouth are on an incredible run. 

“Wolves, I don’t see them in the equation. It’s going to be so difficult for Luton, Burnley and Sheffield United one of them has to almost produce a footballing miracle. That’s how difficult it is to try and find some wins from somewhere.” [Via Daily Mail]

Despite Sheffield United’s recent victory over Brentford following the return of Chris Wilder, Jamie Redknapp remains skeptical about the survival chances of either of the promoted clubs. The Blades had won only one game all season before Wilder’s return, prompting the sacking of Paul Heckingbottom.

While Wilder’s immediate impact is evident, Redknapp doesn’t believe it will be sufficient for the promoted clubs to secure Premier League survival.

Whilst it does look difficult for the promoted sides, it only takes Nottingham Forest or Crystal Palace, for example, to remain in poor form, and in the meantime all three bottom teams can be grinding out results.

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