Callum Wilson: “just one of those days” for Sheffield United

Newcastle United striker, Callum Wilson, who scored one of the eight goals at Bramall Lane last Sunday has stated it was “just one of those days” for Sheffield United.

Wilson scored the fourth goal in what will probably be the easiest and biggest away victory in many years to come for the visitors. The England international reflected on his team’s 8-0 win against the Blades on the Footballers Football podcast:

“I don’t want to be disrespectful. We’ve seen it when Leicester did it to Southampton; you have one of those days where everything you do goes wrong and everything they do falls into place. Some of the goals were good quality; it wasn’t like they fell to pieces. They stayed in the game and didn’t give up.

“But when you are four or five down and attacking players are coming onto the pitch hungry to score goals, it is a recipe for disaster.”

Hecky shouldn’t be sacked

This result has increased the pressure on Paul Heckingbottom’s shoulders, who even before the Newcastle match was rumoured to be getting sacked. Former Sheffield United striker, Carl Asaba told the Blades Heaven podcast that he thinks Heckingbottom should be given at least until the end of the season; he is “not out of his depth, he does know what he’s doing.”





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